- I have been continuously hunting for my connection with the world, experiencing solicitude as well as telepathy existing among people.

Artist Statement

Direct yet conceptual.

Dialogical and engaging.

Symbolism & Expressionism.


Personal statement

Benefiting from my dual background in Fine Art and Public Art, my work explores symbolism of materials and interaction in social engagement art which could achieve an active dialogue. In my previous practice of Fine Art, I have developed different materials in installations and try to build a discourse space with audiences for some response. and my works always reflects my thoughts of the relationship between natural life and urban life, as well as focus on some social and cultural issues. In 2014, I produced views in a wood in my university. It was the first time I made work in a public site which is under a negative situation. Luckily, I achieved some positive responses from the public after my working.

Then, in 2015 I did volunteer for Echigo-Tsumari Art Festival ( a case about art contributes to urban regeneration) in Japan. This experience influenced me greatly, so I started to practise social engagement art from that and researched how different artistic forms promote an active dialogue. Although I use a variety of materials and different process in each project, my methodology is consistent. While there may not always be similarities of materials between different projects, They are linked by recurring formal themes and concepts, relating to the nature and culture, with the aims to activate the zones of silence.

The improvement of human society produces an enduring vision of the world that continues to inform the present, while this constantly change also influences people’s perception of the world. It is beyond our capacity to fully understand a person, a matter or subject, even as to know by ourselves who we are and who we are going to be. In this case, the art can be the efficient way of perception, and public art as a kind of culture symbol of a community, could become a tool to create a perceivable place which contributes to the direct experience of people.