- I have been continuously hunting for my connection with the world, experiencing solicitude as well as telepathy existing among people.

What was lost?

This work is the reflection of global issues related to the coastal town and with the expectation of achieving more positive public responses. It created on the Brighton beach which is possible to be destroyed by sea level raising. I used the modal toys to build sand castles on the beach and wait for destructive flooding.

During the process of producing, many people communicate with me, some of them help me to build, and some accompanied me to wait for the tidal power.

This work made the perception of the bodies as a vehicle for this connection, to challenge the combination of visibility and knowledge. It may be idealistic to imagine that art can be helpful to address global issues. However, it can precisely multiply connections by implicating the perceived bodies of the viewer during the connection process, and this, in turn, avoids paralysis and despair and has the possibility of hope.