- I have been continuously hunting for my connection with the world, experiencing solicitude as well as telepathy existing among people.

The use of useless

Windows could be more closed to light;

Memory could be more powerful things,

which exist in us ideally and lead us deep within ourselves.

In this era of “Most”,

have you ever forgotten nature and civilisation?

or have you thought past daily life and stories were tales now?

To fight against invisible disappear brought by the barbaric era

of the second,

we do should be a high priority in spirit.

We turned a blind eye on it for an extremely long time.

In daytime, we do not see it due to the dazzling surroundings.

Nor can we see them in the evening, because of the remaining afterglow.

Maybe, only in the starless night,

can we glance at those that are twinkling slightly.

They may be the pathways that lead to the brightness.

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