- I have been continuously hunting for my connection with the world, experiencing solicitude as well as telepathy existing among people.


The woods looked like a place that had been forgotten. It used to be quiet and serene, and never impressed too many people. They walked by, saw it but didn’t really look into it. I once interviewed some classmates on how they thought of this woods. Some said it was deep; some said it was scary; others had no ideas at all. For me, it was quite absorbing, just like the mysterious woods in the fairy tales, providing a timeless stage for magical and beautiful stories to take place. Therefore, I came up with a plan, to draw people’s attention to this woods.

Wrap the trees at the height of 1.25 to 1.85 m (about the range of human’s horizontal views) with soft and translucent veils, to affect viewers’ senses. As their eye focus moves up and down, they will adopt different angles to observe the woods. In the meantime, the special quality of the material, combined with the exterior ambience, will trigger visitors’ sense of touching and hearing as well. Here, the feelings of sounds, scenes and touches exchange and intertwine, and their connection cause senses to interchange. When that all happens, there’s no doubt every audience would inherit new perceptions and fresh experiences.

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